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  • Sudetes - Karpacz and the climbing on the Śnieżka Mountain

The Sudetes is one of two large mountain ranges in the south of Poland located about 120 km from Wrocław. The highest peak is Śnieżka (1603 m above sea level), which can be reached by a ski lift from Karpacz or by one of the tourist trails. For those who do not like trips to the mountains Karpacz provides many other attractions – you can go to one of the waterfalls, visit the toy museum or the Wang church. Both lovers of silence, peace and beauty of nature as well as lovers of extreme sports will find something for themselves there.


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  • Książ Castle

Situated on a picturesque hill, an hour's drive from Wrocław, Książ Castle has often passed from hand to hand since its foundation, belonged to different countries, different rulers, was destroyed during numerous wars and used for various purposes. Little is known about the beginnings of today's castle, thanks to which sightseeing causes an additional thrill. On several floors there are renovated rooms and a ballroom, and for darker history lovers they can enter the cellars. In the castle tour package you can also see the nearby Palm House and drink some coffee there.


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  • Errant Rocks (pol. “Błędne Skały”)

The Errant Rocks is a natural maze of cracks and alleys, sometimes extremely narrow, separating several meters high rock blocks. Many of the rocks have their own names, e.g. "Rock Saddle": "Hen’s Foot", "Labyrinth", "Tunnel", "Big Chamber". The tourist trail leading through the Errant Rocks will allow you to stretch a bit to fit in every passage. In the area of Errant Rocks there is a view point, on a platform called "Rock Domes". Nearby is also Szczeliniec Wielki’s peak, from which the view extends over the whole valley. The place is about 2 hours drive from Wroclaw. 


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  • Arboretum in Wojsławice

A fascinating dendrological garden in Wojsławice, known for its rich flowers, shrubs and trees. The collection includes 4650 species of woody plants and 4885 species and varieties of perennials. In the arboretum you can choose to take a walk along didactic paths, learn more about the soil and rocks or insects. It is an ideal place for a walk in the sunshine, located 50 km from Wrocław.


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  • Underground Complex Osówka

Fascinators of history, and especially those who like the Second World War history, will love the underground city. Mysterious underground tunnels, halls and passages left in Lower Silesia by the retreating Nazi troops still remain a mystery for historians and researchers. Perhaps you will discover something new during your tour? The facility is located 1.5 hour by car from Wrocław – it’s good to book tickets in advance.


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